Falling for Thermoplasticity

Although my works are generally abstract, they also resemble living things and often relate to my body’s own properties, gestures, and surroundings. To capture these qualities, I work improvisationally, joining disparate materials into a variety of organic shapes, patterns, and textures.

Since 2005 I have been making art with a glue gun, creating form by shooting melting glue sticks—clear, colored, iridescent, metallic, opaque, glittering—onto an impermeable surface. Working in glue, which I believe is a fairly virgin art territory and perhaps the ultimate form of collage, has allowed me to continue to create form quickly and intuitively; to give my works their organic yet abstract shapes and unusually pliant, richly colored surfaces; and to bridge the already porous boundaries separating my sculpture from painting and my painting from drawing.

—Libby Seaberg

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